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With an ancient, inspiring, and deep sound, this library will ensure that each melody composed has an exceptional expressiveness. As if a session musician were playing the phrases that you were playing in real-time.

Our instruments do not sound like "MIDI", they have a unique personality and character, which you will not find in any other library on the market.

Make your productions sound incredible, don't wait any longer to buy this product!


  • "Real QUENA" is an instrument sampled in Brickwall® studio (Arequipa - Peru) by Mike Valderrama, with the folk musician Adolfo Humpire from Cusco - Peru in 2016.

    After a long process, script programming and graphic design, this beautiful library is finally on the market (2021). At a very accessible cost and a pleasant graphical interface.

    It has a beautiful reverb, which you can deactivate if you need to use some other FX that is of your preference, or simply apply the amount of effect that you consider necessary. In addition, you have a dedicated EQ in Kontakt's "performance view" and various controls with custom knobs, exclusive to our Andean Pack. The colored keys will help you to visualize the range of the instrument.

    You can discover this and more with this fascinating library.

  • For Kontakt 6.3.2 or later.

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