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The sound of the acoustic piano is essential in any musical production, of any musical genre. This library is sampled in a simple and organic way. With a minimalist sound design, it will not fail to stand out among existing virtual instruments on the market, but at a significantly lower cost.

Our instruments do not sound like "MIDI", they have a unique personality and character, which you will not find in any other library on the market.

Make your productions sound incredible, don't wait any longer to buy this product!


$14.50 Regular Price
$2.90Sale Price
  • Our instruments do not sound like "MIDI", they have a unique personality and character that you will not find in any other sample library on the market. We have a secret weapon: the perfect combination of REALISM and LIGHT WEIGHT from our libraries. We think of users who want to acquire realistic instruments, but who do not have to weigh GIGAS on their hard drives. The scripting technology we use is unique in Latin America.

    Midi Packs available separately.

    The colored keys will help you visualize the range of the instrument. This and more you can discover with this fascinating sample library.

    «Grand Piano LOOPTOPUS» can be opened from Kontakt 5.8.1 to version 6 (and later versions). It is advisable to download the links directly in a folder and unzip them there. The files or folders that are moved can generate the message missing files it is solved simply by routing the folder of the sound files, which has the name “Samples”.


    It is recommended to save the original compressed file of the download, to avoid an irreversible misconfiguration and thus be able to return the library to its factory state each time it is required.

    Demonstration of usage videos can be found on our YouTube channel: LOOPTOPUS.

    All of our products have been tested by professionals and tested on controller keyboards with weighted, semi-weighted, and non-weighted keys.


    Enjoy this wonderful sound that from today will be in your musical production arsenal.

    Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the operation of the instrument, if you would like the development of a particular library (any musical genre or instrument) or if you have made production and wish to share it with us; We will be delighted to spread your musical work and know that this library has been to your liking.

    Thanks for your preference!

  • For Kontakt 5.8.1 or later.

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