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Announcer / Voiceover


2004 - 2022


Commercial announcer for 18 years. Voiceover of different spots for prestigious companies, brands and institutions in the local and national media.


Voice actor, dubbing, voice over (voice off: tv, radio, institutions, advertising brands), promotional or commercial, PODCAST, audiobooks, e-learning, voice for IVR telephone exchanges, video games, etc.

Producer of radio programs, pilots for FM and PODCAST.

Solo Singer

2010 - 2022

Musician since he was 13 years old. Soloist since 2010 with several singles released, two albums and various music videos broadcast on the internet and TV.

With musical influences from: R&B, soul, blues, funk and rock . He ventures into POP music, making a fusion and adaptation of folkloric genres from Peru to contemporary styles.


One of his most important albums emerges from this work: " Homenaje a Arequipa ", a musical project to revalue regional history and traditions.

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