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With an ancient, inspiring, and deep sound, this library will ensure that each rhythm composed has an exceptional expressiveness. As if a session musician were playing in real-time.

Our instruments do not sound like "MIDI", they have a unique personality and character, which you will not find in any other library on the market.

Make your productions sound incredible, don't wait any longer to buy this product!

Guitarra Diablada

$61.42 Regular Price
$42.99Sale Price
  • Musical genre that owes its name to a very popular dance from the highlands.

    It is written in 2/4 time, with march time and brisk rhythm; although some prefer to write it in 6/8.

    This prime realization is available within our Andean Pack 2.

    The bookstore was made in Arequipa - Peru, year of 2022 by Mike Valderrama. And now it is out on the market at a very affordable cost and with a beautiful graphical interface.

    With a very realistic sound and multi-layered sampling with several microphones, you will achieve that each rhythmic base has exceptional quality and good expressiveness. As if the same musician is playing the chords that you program.


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