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With an ancient, inspiring, and deep sound, this library will ensure that each melody composed has an exceptional expressiveness. As if a session musician were playing the phrases that you were playing in real-time.

Our instruments do not sound like "MIDI", they have a unique personality and character, which you will not find in any other library on the market.

Make your productions sound incredible, don't wait any longer to buy this product!


$14.99 Regular Price
$8.99Sale Price
  • "ZAMPOÑITA" is an instrument sampled in Brickwall® studio (Arequipa - Peru) by Mike Valderrama in 2021.

    After a long process, script programming and graphic design, this beautiful library is finally on the market. At a very accessible cost and a pleasant graphical interface. The colored keys will help you to visualize the range of the instrument.

    You can discover this and more with this fascinating library.

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